Learn to play the violin! Starting out on an instrument is the most important part of your journey - the basics such as the violin hold, body posture, bow hold and the mechanics of all the moving parts, plus consistent intentional practice are the foundations from which you build on your musicianship and become a better violin player. Let’s be real- you won’t sound great in the beginning, everyone sounds like migrating geese at the start. But with consistent intentional practice over time you’ll achieve beautiful sounds and self expression becomes second nature, it becomes your voice! I was lucky to have learned from some of the greatest violin teachers in the world and am eager to pass on the knowledge to my students. 

Allow me to be your guide to learning the most expressive instrument in the world, ok ok the cello and the voice are close seconds ;-) Joking aside, I offer weekly violin lessons at my studio in West Seattle. The rates are 1 hour for $100 and half hour for $60. Reach out to me via my Contact Me page to get started and with any questions. Hope to connect with you soon!